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Hours: 8am-4pm Monday-Friday


Coming to a scrap metal yard can be intimidating. That is why we try to make our process simple and we help anyone in need. Scrap yards can also be very dangerous, so PLEASE follow speed limit and direction signs. 

We have a new one way traffic flow, everyone will enter to the public scale to the right as you enter our facility. Then you will wait for our automatic green light that captures your weight. then proceed to the lane that best suites your needs, Steel stay in the left lane Non-ferrous in the right lane. 

After your material is weighed, you will come to the office and get your receipt from the girls in the window. Then you input a receipt number into our ATM, and take your cash!

Ask any of our employees for help if you are unsure where to go or what type of material you have! We are happy to help!

Established in 2012, Jacksonville Metal Recycling was created to help the local community with all their recycling needs.

We buy scrap metal from the public customers, industrial accounts, and several scrap metal yards all over the Southeast. Our customers are our highest priority, and that is why we try to make our process quick, easy, and lucrative!

We know that people recycle metal for different reasons. Some rely on scrap metal for financial purposes and some people recycle metal to do their part in helping our environment. Whatever your motivation to recycle scrap metal, we appreciate you are dedicated to helping you.

Join our team! We are always accepting applications, and always looking for good people that will help make JMR better. Download our application HERE and drop it off or email it to Cashier@jacksonvillemetal.net.​