Ferrous materials include scrap iron, appliances, cast iron, heavy melt iron, and plate & structural steel.

We have forklifts, bobcats, and material handlers to assist with unloading heavy loads. 

​Ferrous material will stick to a magnet. Please test it and have it separated from your non-ferrous materials so that the process remains quick and easy for everyone.

electronics recycling (E-SCRAP)

Auto recycling

We purchase scrap automobiles. With a good title, you can drive the scrap vehicle to our facility and leave with cash.

As long as there are no liens on the title, we will purchase it no matter the condition the vehicle is in. 

We handle the draining of the fluids, disposal of tires, and we recycle every component possible.


Non-ferrous metal recycling

containers and hauling


Hours: 8am-4pm Monday-Friday

ferrous metal recycling

We do offer hauling and containers for your scrap metal. This service is for dealer and business accounts only.

We have roll-offs for larger jobs, fork containers for smaller jobs, and a flatbed attachment for our truck to haul boxes/bales.

No charge to you! We pay you for the material in the containers. Container rental and hauling are included into the agreed upon price. Easy!

Includes circuit boards, laptops, mobile devices, computer towers, components, etc.

We work with several R2/RIOS recyclers, so know your data is safe at JMR.

​Electronics should not end up in landfills. This could lead to an environmental disaster.

Recycle them, and let us pay you CASH to do it!

​Non-ferrous materials include Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Lead, Stainless Steel, Zinc among others. 

​JMR sorts, upgrades, and packages non-ferrous materials so that we can ship them to processing mills where they get made into something new.

Non-ferrous recycling is our specialty at JMR, and our prices reflect that.